Steven Yeun told Pedro Pascal how ‘The Last of Us’ game ends and blew him away

Pedro Pascal is a generous soul. He let fans give him an eye infection by letting them place their thumbs in his eyes to jokingly re-enact his infamous “Game of Thrones” send-off. He offers us a 30-minute queer western opposite Ethan Hawke and directed by Pedro Almodovar. He voluntarily hid his face for three seasons of a television show. Hell, the only time he’s denied anyone anything was when he refused to read sexy tweets about himself on a red carpet — a decision widely applauded.

So of course, he gave a generous and enthusiastic response to gamer Steven Yeun who breathlessly shared with “The Last of Us” actor his experience playing the beloved video game. It’s an experience Yeun clearly cherishes — and says he was playing while helping to tell zombie stories while filming “The Walking Dead.”

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In Variety’s Actors on Actors Series, Yeun raved about Neil Druckmann’s ending to the game, which he says is extremely similar to the ending of the TV show itself. The show stayed very true to the rhythms of the game.

“I don’t remember what season it was, but when the game came out, I remember playing it 12 hours straight, until the last one… where you just push the characters to the before as they have this last beautiful scene you have,” Yeun said.

Having never played the game himself, Pascal replied, “Are you serious?”

“Nothing is happening,” Yeun said. “You have just walked through the forest.”

“You told me more about the game than the creator of the video game,” Pascal said. “So you’re saying you get to a certain point but you still have to play, but you’re not fighting anything and not looking for anything…that’s not a scene in the video game.”

“You have to control the person and just walk through the forest.”

Pascal’s mind is clearly blown here. And we wonder if he’ll ever be able to play the game himself once his time on “The Last of Us” is over. Considering how closely Season 1 followed the beats of the first game, it seems likely that Season 2 won’t stray far from “The Last of Us Part II.”

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